Saeed Owairan: Saudi Arabia vs Belgium

Check out this amazing footage, where Saudi Arabian Saeed Owairan treated the football like his own. In away he seems to not believe that he scored such an amazing goal. Indeed AMAZING!

Saeed Owairan Amazing Goal

When Ryan Giggs scored such a superb individual goal in the FA Cup Semi Final against Arsenal in 1999, a little known Saudi Arabian had already become famous for a similar goal way back in 1994 at the World Cup in the United States. Saeed Owairan might not have planned for his run to go on for so long but he managed to weave his way in and out of the Belgian team as if he was Maradona himself. The appealing side to this goal is that it came from such an unexpected candidate. If it was Messi who scored this it would probably be top of the list. Strange how football works isn’t it!