Maradona: Argentina vs England.

This is the number 1. Numero Uno. The BEST goal in football history. Watch this video and let us know if you agree.

Maradona – Best Goal Ever

Never has one man been such a flawed genius and never has one man split opinion so greatly. Diego Maradona’s two sides were present in this classic match from the 1986 World Cup. Argentina had taken a lead against England thanks to the infamous "Hand of God"€™ where Maradona cheated and punched the ball into the net without the referee noticing. However, in what seemed like an unorthodox manner of this enigmatic individual apologizing for this goal, he then proceeded to display what can only be described as the greatest 10 seconds of football the world has ever seen. With such ease and grace, Maradona tricked his way around player after player in England’s midfield. Soon, he found himself running at their defence. He got past Terry Butcher, skinned Terry Fenwick and avoided a last ditch challenge from the desperate Butcher before slotting a delightful shot past England number one Peter Shilton. He had been a football villain just seconds earlier but in what seemed like a mass moment of forgiveness, the world of football celebrated what was without doubt the greatest goal ever scored.