Carlos Alberto: Brazil vs Italy.

This is the second best goal in all times in our opinion. Take your seat and watch this amazing footage of what we believe is the runner up to the greatest goal in all times. Share your opinion about it and comment.

Carlos Alberto – Runner Up

Another fine example of a team goal produced using football at its most beautiful. This goal was scored whilst Brazil were at their peak. Legends such as Jairzinho, Pele and Clodoaldo were lining up for this Brazil team destined for World Cup glory. This goal put them on their way. A sublime team effort was polished off as Pele laid off a delicate ball to his right and Carlos Alberto stormed in to hit a wonderful effort low and across goal from about 25 yards out giving Enrico Albertosi in the Italy goal no chance. It has often been said that this goal was so good even if you were to try and stop it from happening even when you knew what was going to happen it would be impossible.

Another example to the brilliance of the Brazilian football, which was, especially at the time of this goal, one of the best, if not the best football in the world.

The video also shows Carlos Alberto take on the goal, which makes this video all the more interesting.