Choosing an Online Sportsbook – Parameters

This is the second article in our “how to choose an online sportsbook” series. The first article of the series presented the subject and the parameters to look at. Here we will go deeper into each of the parameters.

High Quality Interface and Software

Perhaps the most important aspect of an online sportsbook is how easy is the software to use and navigate? There is no point using a site when you have difficulty placing a bet or understanding the set up. You need a sportsbook where all the hard work is done for you and the layout is perfect for you. Do not accept anything less than the best.


What is the point is joining a sportsbook that has a poor transaction set up and payment options? You need a site that will make depositing funds easy and withdrawing funds efficient. Once again, this is your money and you are paying for a service so you should have total control of your money. Don’t go for a site that has a reputation for holding up withdrawals or a sportsbook that requests additional information for every withdrawal yet requires no such evidence for deposits. You want a site that will give you access to your money as easily as they give themselves access to your money.

Financial Stability

Do some background research on the sportsbooks you are interested in and check to make sure they are not in financial mire. There would be nothing worse than depositing funds into a sportsbook account only to find that the firm is experiencing difficulties in releasing your money when you want access to it again. You want a reliable and effective service. That includes the ability to access your money with minimal risk or inconvenience.

Betting Choice

Does the sportsbook offer the betting facilities you want? Does the site provide the option to place a lay bet or can you bet on a low key greyhound racing event that some other suppliers won’t cover. You want to know you have the largest potential for betting to accommodate any possible bets you might place in the future. There is no point joining a site that doesn’t offer the betting choices you want.


Does the sportsbook offer the best odds? Why bet on a service offering 6/1 when you can get the price at 8/1 for the same event on a rival service? You are a consumer and should demand the best service possible. Seek the best deal, shop around and find out which sportsbook can provide you with the best odds for the events you want to bet on.

Bonuses and Promotions

Maybe you want to take advantage of a certain bonus scheme or promotional campaign that the site have going on. If you intend on depositing a large amount of money first time then it would be worth considering a sportsbook that offers a large percentage for matching your first deposit. Or if you have a number of friends who would be interested in joining then it would be worth joining a sportsbook that has a good €˜refer a friend€™ scheme that rewards you for every friend you introduce.


At the end of the day there is no substitute for experience so read up on reviews of the sportsbooks you are interested in to gauge the general opinion. The worse sites will attract negative feedback where as the top quality ones will produce positive feedback. Use the experience of others to increase the chance of you enjoying a more productive experience.

In conclusion, every individual want something different from their betting experience with an online sportsbook. Only you can decide what you want and whether the service you are considering can offer you what you really want. However, by taking into account the attributes above you can help yourself to coming to a better assessment of which sportsbook you think can deliver what you want. Do not settle for anything but the best.